The Idea Box - Quiet Time
The Idea Box - Quiet Time
The Idea Box - Quiet Time

The Idea Box - Quiet Time

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About The Idea Box - Quiet Time...

You will find a variety of simple, quiet ideas and activities that will help keep their heart rate down, keep them in one spot, and give them some time to relax in a calm environment.

As with our other Idea Boxes, the activities & ideas in our Quiet Time Box are meant to be child-led…as much as possible. The ideas & activities require little to no prep-work, and use items that you can find around the house. If you don’t have an item, you can easily substitute something in its place.

Here are just a few of the quiet ideas & activities you will find in the box:
•Draw to music. Follow rhythm.
•Have a quiet party with stuffed animals.
•Make shapes using your fingers.
•Lay down. “Draw” on ceiling/wall with flashlight.
•Toss cotton balls into a cup/bowl.

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